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Aponté & Busam is a public affairs consulting firm providing high caliber services to clients in the health care, education, nonprofit and business arenas.  Founded in 1994, Aponté & Busam has extensive experience delivering exceptional service and securing legislative and regulatory results for our clients. We serve as the eyes and ears for our clients at the Colorado General Assembly and provide strategic political advice to clients on key issues impacting their public policy agenda.  The team consists of three lobbyists, two policy associates and an office manager.  More information can be found at

Job Description
The Government Affairs Associate acts to support the Firms’ lobby team in completion of their duties.   This position is designed to assist the senior leadership team in a variety of tasks needed to advance the Firm’s client’s political and policy goals through the state legislative and regulatory process in Colorado.  This individual will report directly to Ruth Aponte, Founder and CEO.

Minimum Qualifications and Training

  • Bachelor’s Degree minimum, advanced degree preferred. A focus in law, public relations, politics, government, public administration, social policy, business studies, and management is preferred
  • Familiarity with the Colorado Legislative, Executive, and state agency processes
  • Direct experience working with elected officials and/or policy makers
  • Solid writer with polished communication skills (writing samples/work product to be provided)
  • Accomplished public speaker with strong verbal communication skills
  • Comfortable working with range of professionals (administrative to senior level)
  • Ability to work independently and multitask to manage/prioritize multiple projects

Preferred Skills

  • Connection to Colorado political community
  • Understanding of Federal process and how to engage a state legislative delegation
  • Strong strategic thinker/tactical mind

Job Duties

  • Provide direct support to the Founder and CEO of the Firm
  • Support the rest of the lobby team in completion of their duties
  • Work directly with clients on the contracted scope of services provide by the Firm
  • Draft fact sheets, talking points and testimony, media alerts and other communication documents
  • Master bill tracking software to provide status updates to lobby team and clients as needed
  • Provide presentations to clients on general legislative process and status of legislation
  • Attend external events such as legislative receptions, client meetings etc., as a representative of Firm
  • Assist with bill review and policy analysis/research
  • Coordinate and assist with stakeholder meetings (prep and attendance); policy analysis/research; drafting communication materials; event planning assistance
  • Act as a representative of the Firm at legislative committees, stakeholder meetings, and any other events of importance during legislative session and interim
  • Coordinate and provide logistical support for client events and other interactions with the Colorado legislature

Salary and Benefits

  • Compensation Range (Salary & Benefits) – $60,000 to $75,000 annual salary

Based on qualifications and experience.

  • Retirement Plan

Aponte Public Affairs, Inc. (dba Aponte-Busam) offers a 401k Incentive Retirement Plan administered through ADP Inc., offering traditional pretax 401k and Roth deferral investment plans with loan applications.

The employee is allowed annual maximum contributions as applicable under federal requirements.  ADP Inc. offers a full Employer Match of the employee contribution up to the maximum amount allowable – currently 3% of the employees’ gross salary.  Eligibility begins at 6 months of employment.

  • Health Insurance – monthly employer allowance

APA provides a monthly health insurance allowance toward the employer/employee split on a health insurance premium. APA engages a health care broker to assist employees to find a suitable plan on the private insurance market.  The firm then pays in full the premium associated with the chosen plan and deducts the balance of the premium from the employee’s paycheck.  This ensures it is tax-deductible.

Employees are eligible for health insurance enrollment and/or stipend one month after their first official start date with the firm.

  • Parking

APA provides a reserved space in a parking garage close to the office during the legislative session and a monthly parking allowance during the off session.  Alternatively, a public transit pass is provided.

  • Open vacation plan and flex time in summers and holidays

APA has a strong ethic for work-life balance.  As such team members work together to allow one another generous time off for vacation and family/personal needs.  This is framed within the cyclical nature of the Colorado legislative process and office hours during the non-legislative session are flexible with liberal work from home policies.

  • Technology support

APA provides all needed technology devices as well as covering maintenance and updates.  This includes an employee cellphone and laptop. If the employee prefers to retain their personal cell phone versus using the company plan, APA provides a monthly reimbursement equal to the company plan.

Interested candidates please submit resume, references and two writing samples to Ruth Aponte at Submissions are due by May 31, 2023.

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